Floor Coverings


Floor coverings have an decisive influence on the appearance and function of an access floor. MERO-TSK offers a lot of suitable floor coverings for the different fields of application. Panel surfaces can be applied ex factory with textile, elastic or hard floor coverings. The floor panels glued with access coverings in the factory have the advantage that the installation plenum remains free for access and that panels with installation units (e.g. sockets) can be changed to any other place without any problem.Furthermore, panels can also be provided with parquet, artificial and natural stone (as marble and granite) or ceramic in our factory. For later installation of loosley laid carpet tiles MERO-TSK delivers the floor panels, if required, (e.g. wooden panels) with special coating ex factory.

All works regarding the installation of floor coverings at jobsite will be carried out carefully and professionally by MERO-TSK.